Booklet of Desires


Lately I’ve started using a ‘little booklet of Desires’ and it’s working Really Well!

One exercise in the December Challenge was: “Keep track of your successes.”

In other words: write down all those occasions where you know YOU were responsible for manifesting ‘this thing’ you wanted.

This then becomes your Memory Store, your Body of Experience and when you’re in a pinch, or dispirited, you can go over your Memory Store and it will serve to reconnect you with your Manifesting Skills.

As I wrote down some of my successes I remembered how there was a time I wrote down my desires first.


There’s a sequence to how powerful thought form is:

  • There’s just the thought, which is as abstract as it gets.
  • Then there’s the spoken word, which is more powerful than just Thought because it contains more focus, more ‘choice’.
  • And then there’s the written word, which is yet more powerful.

So when you write down the thing you want, you take it from this very abstract thought form and you add focus and power to it!

Lately I’ve taken to writing down what I want in a little orange booklet. And it’s been amazing to see how quickly I could check these off and mark them in my Memory Store as accomplished!

So that’s what I’ve been playing with lately.

Key in writing down your desires is observing What You Feel when you make your statement: Excitement or resistance?


In case of resistance: this is your cue that you first need to align yourself with that desire.

If you’re feeling resistance, your desire is out of your (emotional / mental / allowance) league.

But it’s nothing more than that, so bring it closer! Bring yourself in alignment with what you want!

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