Computer says No!

My biggest frustration with all this on-line digital stuff that I need to do as part of my work, is how it’s never done. I mean, I’m an energy healer, not a geek!

Remember those sketches from Little Britain, where this bored Service Agent replies to whomever enters her office:
“Computer says No!”
Well, that’s how I feel right about now!

Booklet of Desires

When you write things down, you take this ‘very abstract thought form’ and you add focus and power to it.
Likewise, when you write down your dreams and desires, you add fuel to the Manifestation Process!

The Old Sailor – a poem about procrastination

This is a delightful poem on procrastination – by A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh.
It’s pretty much how I feel today: with so many things which I wanted to do
but, whenever I think it is time to begin… I can’t because of the state that I’m in…
Know the feeling?

Talking with the body – on a whole new level…

I don’t mind admitting that I’m a little blasé in terms of the spiritual information that’s out there, and more often than not my only thought is one of relief: that mainstream seems to be catching up. I’m also well past the point where the stories serve as confirmation for my own ‘weird belief system’, cos I’ve got that part covered by now, it’s no longer an issue.
But sometimes, you come across an article that really makes something go ‘click’. And that’s what happened recently when I came across Therese Wade’s article “How to Heal Yourself by Talking to your Body”.
Talking to the body is nothing new as a concept. But there was one part in all of it that I had somehow managed to overlook, and as I read her words I realised that, for years, I had had it all wrong!

Wow! Some Harvest Moon Eclipse!

Fortunately I know better than to ignore a Harvest Moon Eclipse: if there’s one ‘planet’ I can rely on to influence me, it’s the Moon… (okay, okay, she’s not a planet, but what do you want me to say: earth’s only natural satellite?).
I was just getting ready to dig down into a project, when this Harvest Moon hit. Don’t know ’bout you, but I’ve been crying for the best part of last week. And now, the Sunday morning after, I feel refreshed, energized – and ready to get crackin’.

When boundaries aren’t being honoured…

Sometimes you state your boundaries and the other person just doesn’t seem to pick up on them.
This particularly sucks when you’re dealing with clients. Because you want their business and even when you wish they would just disappear from your life, you can’t afford to alienate them (bad publicity and they still have to pay that last invoice you sent!)
Not having your boundaries honoured is even more frustrating when you’re in the creative profession.
You create something for someone against a previously agreed upon price and they’re not happy with the product. Now what?
How to enforce your boundaries with someone who seems to feel you still owe them and who doesn’t even want to compensate you for all the extra hours you’ve already put in – and will still have to put in.