Are you locking people in?

We don’t always know why things happen a certain way – but that doesn’t stop us from coming up with our own interpretation of events.
It’s how we make sense of the world.
But if we start projecting that interpretation onto other people, we lock them into what we expect them to do. And that is actually what they’ll end up doing!
Because we really are that powerful as creators. The force of our expectations is great indeed!
That’s why it’s called ‘locking them in’.
As a result of this force, others will end up doing what we expect them to do.
And we won’t even see it…

How Arbitrary are your Beliefs?

The world I see is vastly different from the world you see, because the world is what you think it is.
But the real difference between our worlds is in how we perceive them – independent of any hard ‘realities’.
What, then, is the truth of a tree? What is the truth of a forefather? What is the truth of future generations? What is the truth of a car? And what is the truth of a god?

The truth is a bit of an arbitrary concept at the best of times!

You, with your knowledge of the world, a knowledge which has been passed on to you by others, have no way of knowing the truth.
You can only make the decision to hold an assumption as true.

Life is just a Bowl of Cherries

Entire cultures, religions and belief systems are based on the meaning we give to certain events, occurrences and actions.
Yet the way we give meaning to things heavily depends on the belief systems we grew up with – and on how those beliefs are challenged – if ever!

How do you interpret things?

Where do you look for meaning?
What system do you turn to, to give guidance to your thoughts and beliefs?
And how often do you hold that guidance system up against the light of “Truth”?