Computer Says No!


My biggest frustration with all this on-line digital stuff that I need to do as part of my work, is how it’s never done. I mean, I’m an energy healer, not a geek!

And for some reason this digital aspect usurps so much of my time!

Remember those sketches from Little Britain, where this bored Service Agent replies to whomever enters her office:


“Computer says No!”


Well, that’s how I feel right about now.

These are just some of the things from this week. And it’s only Wednesday!


1.   I wanted to purchase a plug-in (which is like an app for websites) but the system won’t finish the transaction. 

I’m already in the system, from a previous purchase, so my email address is now ‘taken’, which means I can’t use my preferred address to create a new account.
But really, I don’t want a new account: my details are fine just the way they are in the old account, the system should simply accept me. But nope!

Of course I’m in touch with Support but to complicate matters their ‘notifications-of-reply’ aren’t coming my way. Which means I have to check manually every time to see if they’ve responded.

This story continues.


2.   Only yesterday I created a new sign-up form – the one to the right of this post, as a matter of fact.

But it didn’t work.

It took me two hours to realise it did work, but there’s something wrong with my -otherwise perfectly fine- email test-address!

In the end I found that the problem is this: my service provider is not sending me the confirmation emails. It took me five hours to not get that sorted.  Support are on it.

This story also continues.


3.   Just now, going over some ‘subscriber details’, I noticed that particularly members who use Gmail are not opening my mails.

I can see they have received them, but they’re not opening them.

This probably means my stuff is arriving directly in their spam box, where they’re not retrieving it. Which means I will have to take action (but I will first have to figure out what action is, cos I can’t send them an email suggesting they white-list me if they’re not getting my mails!).


This story hasn’t even started yet!


Like I said: It’s never done!

Hi! I’m Danielle and
I’m here to help!

Here’s how you can connect with me:

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You can also email me or leave your email here and I’ll keep you posted of anything new:

Mind you, now that I’m writing this down, I see it’s all about email addresses – and connection.

It’s all about reaching out and actually finding the other person there. Or not.
Mail arriving vs Mail not arriving.
And… finding out whether that means it’s not arriving – or perhaps not being sent — which is an entirely different matter.

And especially that last bit makes me feel isolated:

I’m not receiving what is meant for me (because it’s not being sent)
Others are not receiving what I’m sending out (because it’s not arriving)

So at the moment all of my communication is entirely warped – even though on my end things are as they should be: My mailboxes all work!

But… new angle… cos I was originally going to say that ‘on my end all is clear’.
But that is clearly not true, because:

  • My Sign-up from sender considers my address a fake, so it won’t send me anything…
  • And Google considers my address a fake, so it won’t deliver anything…
  • And that plug-in system says my address doesn’t match things the way they want it to

My address is considered fake by the system… and these days ‘the system’ equals ‘the powers that be’.


Right… well… now at least I have an esoteric / energy handle (a point of entrance) through which I can address all of this energetically… At least that’s something, :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

And here endeth this blog post. Or at least it would have, if it hadn’t been for one thing:

I would not have been able to reach these conclusions so quickly if it hadn’t been for my habit of journalling.

I do most of my journalling inside Irreverend Hall. I like the energy there, it keeps me focused.

But. I don’t want to bore people with geeky stuff. A lot of people can’t actually relate to geeky stuff – and that’s fine, but I’m not a geek either and I need to ramble my way to a solution.

Which is why, inside the Hall, we have a special section for Heart Centred Entrepreneurs: a room where Empaths can talk shop – and geek – and be linear instead of expansive – and where you can vent when things don’t seem to be going your way.

I wrote this post as a rant, inside that room – together with the follow up, which goes beyond this blog post. And it’s made all the difference in how I will now proceed.

This room (“Let’s talk shop!”) isn’t open to everyone.

Well, actually, it is, but because the energy is so singular, you have to request admission.  So when you get to the Hall and you can’t find it, let me know you want in and I’ll take care of it!