Wow! Some Harvest Moon Eclipse! That Was One Hefty Week!


I don’t normally keep track of what’s happening in our astrological world, but fortunately I know better than to ignore a Harvest Moon Eclipse: if there’s one ‘planet’ I can rely on to influence me, it’s the Moon… (okay, okay, she’s not a planet. But what do you want me to say: earth’s only natural satellite?).

influenced-by-the-moonI had just finished the first step of a huge project I’ve been working on these past eight weeks and I was getting ready for the next level, when this Harvest Moon hit. Don’t know ’bout you, but I’ve been crying for the best part of last week. And now, the Sunday morning after, I feel refreshed, energized – and ready to get crackin’.


The hard part is usually: to recognize the type of procrastinating I give into.

  • Is it a genuine need to rest and recover?
  • Is it a genuine response to what’s happening around me? Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, energy portals… and harvest moon eclipses. They can all play havoc with you -or create beautiful potentials- when you’re aligned to their frequency.
  • Or is my procrastination actually the result of a genuine fear I’m needing to face? If so, then this, for me, typically equates to something I probably ought to get to the bottom of if I mean to ever get any work done ever again…
I often respond to my procrastinations as if they are the latter – and in the past, they usually were. And so I will dive in and do the work. Only this past year or so have I started allowing ‘the rest’ of it to have its place in my flow. And I’m glad of it, because while the work still needs to be done, acknowledging other influences helps me let go of the whip. And, contrary to old energy beliefs, things actually tend to get dealt with a lot faster when you drop the whip.

I still ignore most Energy Updates in terms of content, because I find I don’t typically resonate with them. But I DO acknowledge the Energy Charge they speak of, and I know that certain charges affect me deeply. And so I’m grateful when a specifically heavy charge is brought to my conscious awareness by others who have been reading and/or creating these updates, because after I had spent the best part of three days crying, seeing the Harvest Moon Eclipse pop up on my timeline made me realise I wasn’t actually pms’ing, but that I was responding to the Moon. And her energies held a message.

This message may or may not be in alignment with the message others have taken from it, but that’s just the thing, really, cos as far as Energy Update Content goes, I know there’s a lot of good stuff out there. Yet I rarely read any of it, because, ultimately, it’s an update brought to you by a specific person with their specific filters. If their filter is a match to yours, you can learn a lot about yourself by reading their messages.

I’m all for that! But once you start getting a hang of who you are, you realise that not every message is relevant. In fact, you slowly begin to see that some messages actually allow people to remain stuck, because, “Eh, can’t help it, it’s not me, it’s the moon!” And so, over time, you start reading with more discernment, and you begin to develop your own guidance system, you start sailing on your own compass.

But they can still be useful. For me, Energy Updates have become equivalent to Weather Forecasts: I’m intuitively adjusted to the weather, so I don’t need them, but it’s still nice to know in advance when it’s going to be raining for days on end, because where I live that’s likely to lead to power cuts and it’s mostly easier to know about power cuts before they actually happen, if only because it means you can make sure your phone is charged.



This Harvest Moon happened some time ago. Back in 2016 I think it was. The content, and my response to such events, has remained pretty much the same, but my response to Procrastination has changed. It used to be an ugly beast ‘keeping me from work’. Now it holds a message – and so I listen.