Are You Giving The Universe Carte Blanche? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t!


We’re taught not to put all of our eggs in one basket and so we are taught to keep our options open.

But if you want to be a deliberate creator you must put all of your eggs in the basket you mean to take home with you.

It’s okay to be in a restaurant and say: “I’d like to have the steak, but if you’re out of steak, I’ll take the filet mignon.”
It’s especially okay if you like both and you know they’ve been busy and you want to save the waiter the hassle of having to go and check.

But it’s NOT okay when you don’t actually like filet mignon and you went there for the steak.

When you give the waiter carte blanche, you give him permission to serve you either.

And if there’s another client who insists on having that last steak, he will get it, not you!

Like I said, if you’re fine with the filet mignon then it doesn’t matter. But if you really -really!- want that steak, don’t give the waiter the power to choose on your behalf!

As spiritual peeps we’re taught to be fine with either.
We are taught that the universe knows best and we then go and rationalise why the filet mignon served us better.

I’ve followed that path for years and now I’m calling bull.

If something really matters to you, you cannot keep your options open.

If you keep your options open, you’re telling the universe both are fine. If they’re not, then they’re not! Don’t pretend they are!

It’s YOUR life. YOU get to choose.

And if you think there isn’t enough steak to go around, think again. Cos the Universe isn’t as limited as that chef’s kitchen! There’s steak for everyone. (Or vegan pie.)


From the image: Those frames get to frame your experiences. So let them be yours!!!!

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