Do you unconsciously reject others?

Unconscious Rejection is when you unintentionally shut out others, even people you like or people who might be able to help you. It’s what you apply when you want to be left alone even though you could really use some cheering up. Or what you radiate because you...

A cosmic non-event

… as it happened, I felt connected with all that was.
There was this sense of ease and grace – which I was providing to complete strangers, who – in turn – fully acknowledged that.
It almost brought me to tears.

Hanger… An amazing energy to get things done!

If left to my own devices, I will postpone unpleasant stuff indefinitely.

Yeah, who wouldn’t…
Calling the Tax Office: unpleasant. Therefore avoided for weeks.
Calling my Insurance Company: unpleasant. Also avoided for weeks.
Complaining to my Roofing Company: unpleasant. But necessary. Very necessary: I no longer have enough pots and pans to put underneath my leaking office roof.